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Confetti cupcakes

2 Jan

P1160716 (800x600)

I saw a Duncan Hines box of confetti cupcake mix on sale for two bucks so chucked it in the trolley when I did the shopping.

There wasn’t much mix and you didn’t get frosting or cupcake cases, which I thought was a bit slack.  I got 15 x 30g (raw, wet mix) cupcakes out of it.  If I’m buying packet mixes, I always go for full cakes rather than cupcakes, because you get more out of them for the same price, but I bought this one because it was so cheap – never again.

The frosting is the usual Solite-based mock cream.  The husband is not usually a fan of cakes in general, but he ate three of these because the frosting was so good.  (Sometimes he actually gets shit right).

Confetti cupcakes


Um, that’s pretty much it :-/


Christmas cupcakes

11 Dec

P1160702 (800x599)


These are the Christmas cupcakes I made for my daughter’s class.  Vanilla sponge, vanilla frosting and Wilton’s Candy Melts piped decorations.

VERY easy.  And of course I made the cupcakes in the Sunbeam Pattie Cupcake Maker and used my shiny new Kenwood Chef Premier to mix everything.  Try not to be jelly.


  • 1 cheapo sponge cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 3 tbsp margarine

Mock cream frosting:

  • 100g Solite
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 45ml water
  • Vanilla, to taste


  • Wilton’s Candy Melts – green and red
  • Choc-filled sprinkles

No directions (it’s pretty obvious!).

The sponge cake mix (yes, a mix – I’m a very important and busy person!) was from Aldi and cost 75c(!).  Because the cupcakes were for kids* and I had run out of patty pans, I used regular cupcake papers but only used 25g of mix in each one (usually I would put in 40g).  I got 26 cupcakes out of it, which is pretty good.  There were exactly enough for the kids and teachers, so we didn’t get to try them out – hope they don’t taste like crap…

Because I was sending these to school in a cupcake carrier, I had to keep the height down so they’d fit inside.  So that’s why the frosting is low and the decorations aren’t standing upright.  If these had been going to sit on a table and were for adults, I would have used more cake mix in each case, put lots more frosting on top and made them a bit more special-looking. (The ones with a full swirl of frosting are for the teachers).

You might want to sit down for this part – the Wilton Candy Melts actually melted this time!!  Maybe I did have a dodgy bag last time.  I melted these ones in a snap-lock bag and piped straight from it.  I just used a yellow sprinkle for the star on each tree, and red ones for holly berries.  I was in a rush so the decorations are pretty crap, but I’d like to see the kids try to complain about it to my face… yeah, that’s what I thought.

* I usually make patty pan sized cupcakes for the kids, because most of them only lick the icing off, anyway, and they don’t need big, huge ones.  Plus, there’s a saying in my house – “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset”.  

Christmas cupcakes
(Decorations piped using Wilton’s Candy Melts)

P1160700 (800x601)
(Kids’ cupcakes, with less frosting)

When a unitasker’s single function is to make cupcakes, it’s enough

18 Oct

I think I’ve previously mentioned that I have no qualms about spending my hard-earned on unitaskers (appliances that only do one thing). I love gadgets. I don’t care if it only does one thing – if it’s cool, I want it.

When I first found out about Sunbeam’s Parties cupcake maker, it was $90. Pretty steep for a machine that just cooks cupcakes, I admit.



But just look at that thing, will you. How can you possibly pass up that total awesomeness? You can’t. So I didn’t.

Let me tell you, this is my least regretted unitasker purchase. It makes perfect cupcakes every single time. Yes, it only makes six at a time – but I would rather take longer using this than use the oven. The results are always amazing.

If you were lazy, you could even put it on the coffee table and have a baking and frosting station going while you sat on the nice comfortable lounge and watched awesome ’80s movies. Or something. Yeah.

Sadly, this baby is discontinued (how dare they!), but I’m sure you could find a lesser, nowhere near as awesome version out there somewhere.

I would seriously consider buying a second, used one if I could find one.

Do yourself a favour and have another look. Go on.



Was that as good for you as it was for me? Ahhh.

Last minute chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

6 Feb


These are some mediocre cupcakes I made for a cake stall at school. Just chocolate cake and vanilla frosting from Betty Crocker. I love both – the cakes are awesome and the icing tastes great, plus it’s a fast and easy option. Good for when I’m time poor, or just lazy (kind of like when I write under-ten-line posts).

Rainbow cupcakes

3 Nov


Vanilla buttercake tinted with food colouring, iced with vanilla Betty Crocker frosting, topped with rainbow choc bits. Obviously…

I could say I made these for the kids, but that cake is sitting on a piece of notepaper on my work desk. So, yeah.

Red and black cupcakes

26 Aug

Black and red cupcakes


These cupcakes were for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

The red and black colouring nearly killed me.  I used a couple of bottles of gel colour, as well as at least one or two bottles of liquid colouring, for both the cakes and icing.  I based the black cakes on chocolate Betty Crocker cake mix and tub of icing, and the red ones on vanilla Betty Crocker cake mix and tub of icing.

Even using the gel, I never got a true black in either the cakes or icing.

Topped with red candy hearts and black edible glitter.

End result wasn’t too disastrous, though.

Vanilla cupcakes with sugar sprinkles

14 Jun



Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and tinted sugar crystals.  Made for K1 to take to school for some reason, so they are on the small side, with minimal frosting.

The frosting is made from a shortening I got from a cake decorating shop a while back – they package it up themselves so I’m not sure what it actually is – they just call it “buttercream base”.  I made these on a weeknight before school the next day, so they were a rush job.  Pictured here in their super fancy plastic container.  So classy.

K1’s 6th birthday cupcakes

15 Mar



These cupcakes were made to take to school (hence not going crazy with the amount of frosting), and they’re made in patty pans rather than cupcake cases, to keep them small.

Used shortening from a cake decorating shop for the frosting (tinted pink, blue, green and yellow), and it came out a bit dry and didn’t tail off well.  Didn’t have time to play around with it – these were made the night before (as usual).

Also as usual, it’s all vanilla, baby.


Wedding cake and cupcakes with cornelli icing

14 Nov

wedding 752


This is the wedding cake and cupcakes I made for my brother’s wedding.  All vanilla cakes with vanilla frosting (made with shortening base); cornelli icing.

Cornelli is so easy, and very forgiving – it’s a good cover up for cracked or uneven fosting.


wedding 017wedding 003