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Mock cream made with Solite

20 Mar

I know I’ve talked about Solite before, but about 90% of hits to this blog came from people doing a web search for Solite, mock cream or a combination of the two.  So I thought I’d make a “proper” post about it and actually provide some information instead of just going on about how much I am in love with it.

  • It is a solid vegetable shortening (but not like Copha) that you keep at room temp
  • It has the consistency of slightly soft butter in its “solid” state
  • You can buy it from cake decorating shops
  • It is very soft, very white and tastes exactly the same as the mock cream you find in 90% of bakeries / hot bread shops
  • You mix it as follows: 20 parts Solite / 15 parts caster sugar / 9 parts water (I therefore usually use 200g Solite / 150g caster sugar / 90ml water)
  • You whip the Solite by itself for a few minutes, then add the sugar; you then add the water in small increments over a period of five minutes and whip until sugar has dissolved
  • If it’s soft enough, you can start with a balloon whisk, otherwise start with the regular beater
  • Increases in volume during whipping
  • Pipes really well
  • Can whip for ages without it becoming overwhipped
  • Hardens in fridge really quickly – you can put a crumb coat on and be doing your finishing layer in 5-10 minutes
  • Holds its shape really well
  • Stays really soft and creamy at room temp – does not dry out (although I keep all my cakes in containers, or at least covered)
  • You can get a Tropical version that holds up better in warmer temperatures (although I have never had a problem with the regular stuff)
  • It is perfectly smooth – there is no grittiness at all if you mix it properly
  • Can use as a frosting or as an alternative to fresh cream

Whipping Solite mock cream Whipping Solite mock cream

Can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, except that I totally love this stuff.  It tastes so good, and I always get good feedback on it.

Here are some examples of how I’ve used it previously:

One Direction rainbow cake
This rainbow birthday cake is all Solite – both the piping and the top, sides and filling

Rainbow cake
This rainbow birthday cake has Solite top, sides and filling (piping is Whip ‘N Ice)

Christmas cupcake
Solite used to decorate this Christmas cupcake, with Wilton Candy Melt piped decorations

Confetti cupcakes
Solite used as frosting on confetti cupcakes

Nutella cream horns
Cream horns filled with Solite