9 Apr

Every time I see the word ‘ganache’, I picture Buddy from Cake Boss saying it.  Guh-nash, guh-nosh, whatevs.  More like duh-lish, amirite?

Let’s move on, shall we.  Ganache – discuss:

  • Use cream with no gelatin or other thickening agents
  • Heat the cream to just before boiling point, then pour it over the chocolate (in a separate heatproof bowl)
  • Since white chocolate has a different melting point to dark chocolate, you need to adjust your chocolate:cream ratios – 2:1 for dark chocolate, and 3:1 for white chocolate
  • Popular in Australia for using under fondant (instead of buttercream)
  • Holds up pretty well
  • You can get really sharp, clean edges with it
  • You can whip ganache to make it light and fluffy (use a 1:1 ratio and let it sit out overnight, before whipping)
  • If you want a glossy look, add a tablespoon of butter
  • It keeps cakes moist by creating a seal
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration once applied
  • Leftovers (lol) can be frozen
  • Use a hot palette knife to smooth it out and sharpen edges
  • Don’t use white chocolate unless the cake will be in a cool or air-conditioned environment
  • At firmer consistency (think Nutella or peanut butter), it is used for spreading – can be used to both fill and cover a cake
  • At runnier consistency, can be used to pour over the top of a cake and run down the sides (it will firm up later – you may need two layers and it’s more likely to show up any imperfections in the cake – consider doing a crumb coat of firm ganache, then pouring the thinner ganache over top)
  • Can be used as a filling or topping in tarts, slices etc

Check back soon for my Caramel Slice with Double Chocolate Ganache!


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