Cherry Ripe cupcakes

6 Apr

Cherry Ripe cupcakes   

How do Cherry Ripes have so many haters?  They are full of chocolatey, coconutty, cherry goodness.  Look at that photo… how is that possibly wrong?!  That’s right, it totally isn’t.

Cherry Ripe cupcakes

That’s why I made these equally awesome Cherry Ripe cupcakes.  Chocolate cake (just a buttercake with half a cup of cocoa thrown in), Cherry Ripe chunks inside, a swirl of chocolate Duncan Hines canned frosting, and some slices of Cherry Ripe on top.

Cherry Ripe cupcakes

I did the whole thing where you break off the bottom of the cupcake and put it on top of the frosting, then eat it like a sandwich. I have to say, these just may be the best cupcakes I have ever had. And I’m a die-hard vanilla fan. Well played, Cherry Ripe, well played.


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