Taste test: Whip ‘N Ice

17 Mar

I saw this stuff at the cake decorating shop a few years ago.  It’s a frozen product that you whip up from its liquid state, and it turns into a buttercream-like frosting.  The chick at the shop told me that it tasted like ice-cream.  That put me off a bit, actually.  Plus it was fifteen bucks for a 1L carton.  Ugh.

Anyway, whilst I was being a total badass and Googling frosting recently, I saw it again and looked further into it.  I found a video on YouTube and thought the whipped product looked pretty good, so I decided to stop being a cheapskate and buy some.

I bought a 1L carton (it had gone up to $15.95, what a gyp) and used the whole lot in one go as there was a pitiful amount after I had only poured half of it in the bowl.  It stayed sludgy for ages, but finally thickened up.  The instructions said to add colour and flavouring after the stiff peak point, but I found that by the time I had gotten to that point and then whipped in the colour, it was overwhipped.  Great.

Anyway, I piped it onto cupcakes for K1 to take to school for her birthday.  Kids and husband said they liked it, but I wasn’t really a huge fan.   It really did have an ice-cream flavour that just didn’t seem right.  It doesn’t crust but the outside seemed to harden into a sort of marshmallowy coating that didn’t taste great.  It has a kind of  heavy, foam-like consistency (not in a nice way).  I used the leftovers to pipe decorations on the full birthday cake – I wouldn’t have ruined a whole cake with it.

I did overwhip it (so it piped badly), but the taste and texture still didn’t appeal to me, so I probably won’t be buying this again.  It does look good, it’s just the taste I’m not a fan of.  I’m disappointed – I thought maybe I’d found a new go-to.  Oh, well.

Birthday cupcakes with Whip 'N Ice
Cupcakes frosted with Whip ‘N Ice

Rainbow cake with Solite and Whip 'N Ice
Cake covered with Solite, with Whip ‘N Ice piped decorations  


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