Rainbow birthday cake – two ways

16 Mar

Rainbow cake

K1’s 8th birthday sleepover was One Direction and red/black/white themed, so I had planned to make a matching cake – round, chocolate layer cake (tinted black) with white frosting and filling.

However, the sleepover was the day after her actual birthday, so I still had to make a cake for her birthday.  I decided on a rainbow cake because I love how they look.  She suggested a heart shape, and because I only have one round tin, but two heart-shaped ones (I prefer cupcakes…) and I’d be baking six different cakes, I figured hearts were the way to go.  Anyway, I made the six different cakes, then realised that if I just stacked them as they were, plus filling, the end result would be a cake about 8 inches wide but about 15 inches tall – not a good look… so I sliced them in half and just used half of each cake.  It was still pretty tall.  I used Solite as a filling and covering, then changed the colour of some leftover Whip ‘N Ice and piped basic borders and threw some sprinkles on.  Easy.

Here’s the finished product for the birthday cake (it was night-time when we cut it, so I couldn’t get a nice photo of the first slice coming out – everyone just wanted to eat it!):

Rainbow cake with Solite and Whip 'N Ice

Rainbow cake with Solite and Whip 'N Ice

P1180688 (1024x768)
The damage (food styling was not my priority at this point in time…)

Remember I had only used half the rainbow cakes…  I didn’t want to have them hanging around in the freezer so I decided to use them for the party cake as well.  So I went through the whole bloody process again.  I already had a One Direction rice-paper topper, but it was of course round, and didn’t really fit on the heart, but I’ve seen worse cakes so I’m not having a tanty about it.  The kids at the party all ooh-ed and ahh-ed when they saw the rainbow slices come out, and people loved the frosting (all Solite, baby).  Black glitter and white sprinkles tied it all in with the black and white theme – I don’t care that the inside wasn’t black and white, too, since the kids seemed to like it so much.   Again, no photos once it was cut (why do I always seem to cut cakes at night?), but here’s one I managed to grab before it got butchered.

Rainbow cake

I used cheap (73c) vanilla cake mixes because they are quick and easy and I went for quantity over quality… I only used three of them to make the six cakes, so I got two full layer cakes for just $2.19 plus a few dollars worth of Solite, a little milk and 3 eggs – the whole lot would have cost less than ten bucks for both.  Bargainsville.

Yes, they look old-school, but that is the intention… the outside looks plain and boring, but then BAM!  Rainbow cake, mofos!

The cakes that had been in the freezer overnight tasted better, for some reason.  It was amazing.   One of the neighbours said she wants me to make all her cakes from now on, so I wasn’t the only one who thought it was awesome! I may or may not have had the last piece for breakfast.  Om nom nom.


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