Confetti cupcakes

2 Jan

P1160716 (800x600)

I saw a Duncan Hines box of confetti cupcake mix on sale for two bucks so chucked it in the trolley when I did the shopping.

There wasn’t much mix and you didn’t get frosting or cupcake cases, which I thought was a bit slack.  I got 15 x 30g (raw, wet mix) cupcakes out of it.  If I’m buying packet mixes, I always go for full cakes rather than cupcakes, because you get more out of them for the same price, but I bought this one because it was so cheap – never again.

The frosting is the usual Solite-based mock cream.  The husband is not usually a fan of cakes in general, but he ate three of these because the frosting was so good.  (Sometimes he actually gets shit right).

Confetti cupcakes


Um, that’s pretty much it :-/


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