Faux is the go, don’t ya know?

25 Nov

Forget fresh cream – mock cream is awesomesauce!

A big reason for the previously mentioned kitchen mixer upgrade was because the old one was, for some unknown reason, totally shit at creaming butter and sugar.  It had never really bothered me too much – I’d been using some kind of (expensive) shortening from the cake decorating shop to make ‘buttercream’ (because I could never even get a pale butter with the old mixer, let alone anything near a whitish colour), but even trying to blend icing sugar left a gritty texture.  So obviously even caster sugar left crystals that felt the size of marbles in your mouth when you were expecting to get something smooth and creamy, like anything resembling mock cream.  (Regular white sugar, you ask? Are you kidding me?  Shut the front door.)

Anyway, when I was at the cake decorating shop buying those horrible Wilton candy melts the other week, I saw this stuff called Solite, that looks pretty much the same as the shortening I’d been using from the other cake place (it’s what I used for the cornelli iced wedding cake in an earlier post). Because I hadn’t heard of it, I did some checking on the net for a recipe using it, and I swear my knees went weak when I read on the manufacturer’s website “This is a traditional mock cream recipe”.  Holy shit, dude!  Srsly?

So, after I went and bought the mixer, my next stop was the cake decorating shop to gets me some o’ dat.  When I mixed some up after dinner, I was almost too scared to try it in case it hadn’t worked.  But, hang onto your hats, mofos, THAT SHIT HAD TOTALLY WORKED.  I’d used the ‘traditional mock cream recipe’  with caster sugar in it, and it was perfectly smooth.  Tasted exactly the same as any mock cream I’ve ever had from a cake shop (i.e. badass).

I’ve no doubt the new Kenwood mixer played a part, but that Solite shit is ace.  Let’s throw a parade.

Go out and buy some now.

SoliteSolite mock cream


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