Nestlé success-lé

7 Oct

After the Wilton failure, I had great success with melting the Nestlé choc bits for coating cake pops (haven’t tried the melts yet but surely they’ll be even easier).

I melted them in a glass jug then sat the jug in a container of hot water to keep the chocolate warm. The cake pops had been in the freezer for a week, as I’d given up on them after the Wilton fiasco. They were therefore obviously very cold. I think this made the chocolate begin to reset too fast (plus the water was cooling), so I would avoid having the pops so cold next time.


I was happy with the coverage, however it could have been a bit thinner – I think that was just due to the temperature of the cake and the fact I was too lazy to reheat the chocolate after it had started to cool. If the pops had been for a party or something (not just as a test), I would have made the effort to keep it warmer while I worked with it. But, hey…

I will possibly use these for all my chocolate coverings, but am concerned about how they will hold up at room temp (especially in summer, in Australia).


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