Talk about…pop ca-akes!

13 May

Shoobie doobie doo wop…

So I caved and bought a cake pop machine. Never really wanted to get on that bandwagon… They can look cute, but not terribly appetising (probably due to the lack of frosting, cream and other more indulgent-looking ingredients).

Anyway, a friend said she was considering cake pops for her wedding and asked for my help, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I know “proper” cake pops are made with crumbled cake mixed with frosting, but remember I wasn’t that into it in the first place, so that just seemed too fiddly for me to bother with. Plus all that manual shaping and shit… forgeddaboudit!

I’m a huge fan of unitask appliances that I use twice then push to the back of the cupboard, so obviously I didn’t balk at the idea of buying a machine for the sole purpose of cooking tiny spherical cakes.  I spent a couple of hours searching for a machine online, and eventually stumbled upon a Kambrook model that I then got from Big W for $29. Bargain.

Makes 12, which is great (bugger making six at a time, like some other machines do), but because you’re filling so many in one go, my first two always start to cook and expand too much and come out looking like Saturn, with a ‘ring’ around them. No biggie, but will try just doing 10 at a time from now on.

You also get 24 plastic sticks and a tray to stand them in while they set (holes could be a bit deeper to keep them more upright, because sometimes the decorated pops fall against each other).

So here’s the machine. Kambrook Little Chefs Cake Pop Maker RRP $34.95.


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